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Non-oily cream of gentle texture and rapid absorption with intensive triple action: moisturises skin, protects against free radicals and combats ageing. In addition, its masculine fragrance and refreshing texture are perfect after shaving in order to calm and avoid irritation. The result will be a younger, smoother, firmer and softer skin.
19,20 €
Non-oily cream for the eyes and lips contour, of gentle texture and rapid absorption, which has multiple benefits: moisturises the skin, protects it against external factors and treats the under-eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles and expression lines. The result will be a younger looking, more revitalised and free of signs of tiredness and fatigue.
8,55 €
Powerful body gel with fat-burning action specific for men. Helps reduce the buildup of fat on the areas where fat-burning proves a difficult task, such as the abdomen or waist. Favors the elimination of localised fat immediately with a heating effect as well as a gentle reddening effect. In addition, the fat-burning effect is enhanced when applied before...
16,95 €
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