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Feel the rejuvenating effect immediately. Recharge your skin with energy. The effectiveness of a ritual in just 3 steps: tense, smooth and revitalize your skin.
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Activate your beauty daily. Natural care for perfect skin. With 3 products, cover the 5 basic steps to maintain the essence of your youth: clean; tonify; moisturizes day and night; and take care of the eye contour
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Protected and radiant, experience the city. Defend your skin from urban inclemency. Protect your face in just 3 steps. Your daily shield against pollution, stress and free radicals.
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Your ideal sport routine in just 3 steps: define the abdomen, moisturize your face and energize your eyes. 3 essential and essential products to take to the gym.
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Enjoy a body 10. Apply before and after your workout the intensive care body program. 3 products that perfect and enhance the results of your session.
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Feel the immediate tensor effect in each dose. Transform your face and power youth. 3-step shock treatment: purifies; rejuvenates; and fights wrinkles.
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Maximize your beauty instantly. Bella, powerful and dazzling. 3 unique products that stimulate your skin to instantly restore all its beauty, radiance and youth.
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Get ready for the summer. The 3 "must have" essential in your suitcase that will enhance your body beauty. With 3 products, prepare, care and repair body and hair. Get them look soft, nourished and bright all summer.
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Shock treatment with Capixyl® that promotes hair growth and helps fight hair loss. Its continuous use provides the hair a healthy and strengthened appearance. Contains Resorcinol. Helps restore damaged hair and gives it great softness and shine. The result is a more brilliant, vital and strengthened hair.
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