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Facial cleansing gel with vegetable extracts that eliminates the dirt and traces of makeup on skin. The vegetable extracts like chamomile and cucumber, in combination with the hydrolized rice, helps to keep the perfect level of hydration and evens the tone of skin. The result is a deep clean skin, with a lovely fresh sensation.
13,60 €
Cream with a light colour that hydrates, protects and evens the tone of the skin. Its light touch of colour, specific for dark skins, gives a cover effect that corrects imperfections and evens the tone, giving a bright result on skin and a velvety effect. Contains sunscreen.
21,10 €
Oil-free day cream that gives an equilibrant, purifying, regenerating and calming action. The innovating compound p-Refinyl®, regulates the production of oil, reduces the size of the pores and controls the brightness of skin. Moreover, its rich composition in aloe vera helps regenerate, calm and purify the skin. 
21,60 €
Lotion that is highly refreshing due to the combination of the vegetable extracts like chamomile, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, cornflower, papaya, orange and aloe vera. This lotion gives a purifying and equilibrant action, controlling the excess of oil and providing hydration to skin. The result is an illuminated, toned and free of brightness skin.
12,95 €
Intensive night cream that has a moisturising, regenerating and purifying effect. Its composition is rich in Hidromanyl® and provides a continuous hydration during night time avoiding the dehydration on skin. In addition, the innovating Peelmoist® compound does a soft exfoliation obtaining a thinner, smoother and more hydrated skin.
22,10 €
Mask that evens tone, with renewing and revitalising action. Performs an exfoliating action facilitating the elimination of dead cells and improving the natural renewal process. Helps the products applied afterwards penetrate much better into the skin, promoting their action. The result is a revitalised skin, with a smooth texture and an unified tone.
10,55 €
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