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Easy to apply cream that performs an intense firming action thanks to a composition rich in centella asiatica and organic silicon. This body cream stimulates collagen formation, strengthening skin elasticity and firmness. It tightens and firms any area of the skin affected by flaccidity. The final result will be a firm, smooth and moisturised skin.
18,65 €
This emulsion of pleasant texture and rapid absorption contains a high degree of draining and stimulating active ingredients, which contribute to prevent and combat the orange peel skin, to reactivate microcirculation, to tone and to facilitate toxin removal. The final result will be a smoother and softer skin, with a visible improvement in cellulite areas.
16,95 €
This is a dry oil spray easy to apply with a non-oily texture. It is made of argan and enriched with vitamin E. Its nourishing and antioxidant properties prevent skin from ageing and protect it against free radicals. The final result will be a profoundly nourished skin that gives dry skins a sensation of flexibility and comfort. It can also be applied on...
23,20 €
This anti-ageing cream contains apitoxin, venom produced by bees, which goes right to the facial muscles, producing an immediate lifting effect that decreases the expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, this cream proves to be an excellent repairer of skin and performs a regenerating action. 
16,60 €
A non-oily and fluid-textured body cream that moisturises, tones and firms skin. Its complete and balanced formula, made of plant extracts and elastin, moisturises skin and keeps it nourished. The result will be a firmer, nourished and moisturised skin.
14,60 €
This body emulsion of easy absorption has been formulated with ecologic argan oil, rich in natural tocopherols, which provide it with antioxidant and anti-free radical properties. In addition, it contains fatty acids that give the skin nourishing and protective properties. It is perfect to use after waxing or after any type of skin damage, resulting in a...
11,70 €
This body emulsion of rapid absorption has been formulated with a mixture of baobab fibres and seeds, which provides an antioxidant action three times higher than the one from baobab oil obtained merely from the seeds. It has regenerative, smoothing, repairing and anti-inflammatory properties. The final result will be a renewed, soft and moisturised skin.
11,70 €
Regenerates and moistures This body emulsion of easy absorption has been formulated with Rose Hip, which is widely known for its concentration of essential fatty acids, related to elasticity and hydration improvement, and for its great regenerative power. This emulsion proves ideal to treat scars or to prevent stretch marks when there is an increase in...
11,70 €
This facial cream combats skin spots and unifies the skin tone thanks to a combination of natural extracts. Besides visibly treating the skin spots, this cream moisturises and regenerates the skin, thanks to its sun protection filter and protects skin against the sun’s harmful rays. The result will be an illuminated skin with a balanced tone and with...
16,65 €
This is a melting textured cream based on vegetable stem cells from the apple, which reorganise the structure of the skin, delaying the ageing of the skin and recovering its vitality, firmness and luminosity. Moreover, it performs a powerful regenerative, moisturising and nourishing action offering the skin a global anti-ageing protection.
21,05 €
This soft gel performs two actions: it cleanses and tones your skin. It achieves a deep cleansing of the skin, removing make up remains and other impurities while respecting the moisture and natural balance of the skin. In addition, its gel texture leaves no grease traces on the face and gives a pleasant cool sensation.
11,15 €
Refreshing gel of easy and quick application, which combats heaviness, swelling and painful sensation on the legs caused by poor circulation and/or standing still for hours. This gel offers an immediate sensation of coolness and well-being, relieving muscular pains and fatigues. It also has firming and toning properties.
16,95 €
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