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This facial cream of fluid texture has antioxidant, revitalising and illuminating properties. Prevents skin from oxidation caused by free radicals, boosts the level of hydration and stimulates collagen production, thus delaying the first signs of ageing.  The result will be a revitalised and illuminated skin, protected from external agents.
16,15 €
A facial serum with fluid texture and golden flashes, it illuminates the skin and combats ageing. Its repairing properties soften and moisturise the skin and its powerful combination of caviar extract, liposomate gold, betaglucans and Fucogel® help improve the skin resistance and firmness, resulting in a softer, brightened and rejuvenated skin.
26,65 €
Concentrate with hyaluronic acid of fluid texture and rapid absorption that provides the skin with an increase of hydration, improving elasticity and softness of the skin. This continuous hydration offers as a result a younger, softer and more revitalised skin.
20,70 €
This eye contour of soft texture and fast absorption increases the water reserves of the tissue providing the skin with extra hydration, thus decreasing the wrinkles relief in the eye and lips area. The result will be a visible reduction of wrinkles on the treated area.
19,50 €
This ultra-light textured hand cream of rapid absorption and immediate hydration performs a regenerating action on the skin increasing the elasticity and softness of the hands. In addition, prevents skin from dehydration and dryness, and repairs the damage caused by external aggressions. The final result will be repaired, soft and moisturised hands.
6,55 €
Facial scrub gel with light texture and natural apricot kernel micro-granules, whose great sweeping power removes dead cells and impurities, stimulating the skin renewal and providing a clean and cool sensation. The final result will be a softer and illuminated skin, with a uniform tone. In addition, the use of this scrub gel favors the absorption of...
10,05 €
This light textured cream protects throughout the day augmenting the skin resistance against negative environmental factors. In addition, this cream performs a powerful moisturising and soothing action. The result will be a protected and moisturised skin, with a healthy appearance.
15,25 €
This is a creamy and silky textured cream that performs a potent nourishing action, preventing skin from dryness, scaling and redness. Moreover, it helps curbing ageing signs thanks to its moisturising and regenerating properties. The final result will be a nourished, silky looking skin, free of dryness and tightness.
16,15 €
This is a wrinkle filler treatment with immediate effect. Thanks to the innovative ‘Skin lifting technology’ this treatment performs a powerful lifting effect. Its composition, rich in elastomers, provides the skin with tightening and wrinkle-filling properties. In addition, the ‘Soft Focus’ effect minimises skin blemishes and expression lines.
20,50 €
Inmediate action serum: reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles Serum that reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles immediately. In addition, it has an instant tightening effect that reduces wrinkles and expression lines. The result is a rejuvenated and smooth eye contour, without bags, dark circles or wrinkles.
17,90 €
Regenerates and moistures This body emulsion of easy absorption has been formulated with Rose Hip, which is widely known for its concentration of essential fatty acids, related to elasticity and hydration improvement, and for its great regenerative power. This emulsion proves ideal to treat scars or to prevent stretch marks when there is an increase in...
11,70 €
This is a melting textured cream based on vegetable stem cells from the apple, which reorganise the structure of the skin, delaying the ageing of the skin and recovering its vitality, firmness and luminosity. Moreover, it performs a powerful regenerative, moisturising and nourishing action offering the skin a global anti-ageing protection.
21,05 €
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