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Inmediate action serum: reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles Serum that reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles immediately. In addition, it has an instant tightening effect that reduces wrinkles and expression lines. The result is a rejuvenated and smooth eye contour, without bags, dark circles or wrinkles.
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This powerful cream of anti-ageing action and light texture is special due to its high SYN®-AKE (snake venom) content which performs a botox effect combating expression lines. Its composition, rich in collagen, vitamins, rose hip and aloe vera, delays ageing effects.
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This foot cream of rapid absorption prevents and repairs dryness, corns and cracks of feet. Thanks to the menthol and rosemary content, it also refreshes and soothes feet while keeping them protected against external harmful effects. As a result, this cream restores the natural softness, fighting cracks.
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Gel-like textured cream of easy penetration that helps balancing and purifying skin. The AHAs help removing dead cells, thus improving the oxygen supply to the skin whilst the snail slime accelerates the cell renewal process. In addition, this cream helps recovering the loss of vitality, providing luminosity and firmness. The final result will be a firm,...
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This is a melting textured cream based on vegetable stem cells from the apple, which reorganise the structure of the skin, delaying the ageing of the skin and recovering its vitality, firmness and luminosity. Moreover, it performs a powerful regenerative, moisturising and nourishing action offering the skin a global anti-ageing protection.
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The active charcoal is a natural ingredient that controls the production of oil on skin, removes impurities inside the pores and manages to reduce their size. Ideal for mixed-oily skins. In normal skins, use it occasionally in the T zone. The result is a clean and luminous skin.
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This mask with trace elements offers immediate energy replenishment in order to achieve a rested, revitalised and moisturised skin. In addition, soothes, softens and absorbs skin impurities. The final result will be a soft and revitalised skin, free of fatigue.
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Ultra moisturising cream with a soft and melting texture that offers the skin continuous hydration throughout the day. The skin retains humidity, decreasing expression lines and first wrinkles, giving it a younger appearance. This cream combats dehydration, improving the elasticity and softness of the skin. 
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Easy to apply cream that performs an intense firming action thanks to a composition rich in centella asiatica and organic silicon. This body cream stimulates collagen formation, strengthening skin elasticity and firmness. It tightens and firms any area of the skin affected by flaccidity. The final result will be a firm, smooth and moisturised skin.
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Feel the rejuvenating effect immediately. Recharge your skin with energy. The effectiveness of a ritual in just 3 steps: tense, smooth and revitalize your skin.
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This anti-ageing cream contains apitoxin, venom produced by bees, which goes right to the facial muscles, producing an immediate lifting effect that decreases the expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, this cream proves to be an excellent repairer of skin and performs a regenerating action. 
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