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This revitalising shampoo helps prevent hair loss. Its specially designed formula for devitalised hair contains plant extracts with astringent and invigorating properties. It also contains keratin hydrolysated, collagen and vitamins that result in a shiny, vital and strengthened looking hair. In addition, when combined with the ANTI-HAIR LOSS CONCENTRATE,...
13,20 €
With Green Tea Antioxidant Action. Green tea, rich in antioxidants, cleans, purifies the skin by absorbing excess of fat and fights ageing. It has also a refreshing action, providing an extra comfort to stressed skin. Protects against external aggressions that cause premature ageing
10,05 €
Non-oily cream for the eyes and lips contour, of gentle texture and rapid absorption, which has multiple benefits: moisturises the skin, protects it against external factors and treats the under-eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles and expression lines. The result will be a younger looking, more revitalised and free of signs of tiredness and fatigue.
8,55 €
This exfoliating bath and shower gel removes softly the dead cells of the skin and favors their regeneration. Thanks to its gel-like texture it is easy and comfortable to use as shower or bath gel, thus obtaining a profound exfoliation, which is not aggressive to the skin. The final result will be a renewed and silky skin, with a smoother appearance.
12,30 €
This is a dry oil spray easy to apply with a non-oily texture. It is made of argan and enriched with vitamin E. Its nourishing and antioxidant properties prevent skin from ageing and protect it against free radicals. The final result will be a profoundly nourished skin that gives dry skins a sensation of flexibility and comfort. It can also be applied on...
23,20 €
Shock treatment with Capixyl® that promotes hair growth and helps fight hair loss. Its continuous use provides the hair a healthy and strengthened appearance. Contains Resorcinol. Helps restore damaged hair and gives it great softness and shine. The result is a more brilliant, vital and strengthened hair.
24,50 €
Protected and radiant, experience the city. Defend your skin from urban inclemency. Protect your face in just 3 steps. Your daily shield against pollution, stress and free radicals.
27,87 €
Enjoy a body 10. Apply before and after your workout the intensive care body program. 3 products that perfect and enhance the results of your session.
26,28 €
Feel the immediate tensor effect in each dose. Transform your face and power youth. 3-step shock treatment: purifies; rejuvenates; and fights wrinkles.
29,98 €
Facial cleansing gel with vegetable extracts that eliminates the dirt and traces of makeup on skin. The vegetable extracts like chamomile and cucumber, in combination with the hydrolized rice, helps to keep the perfect level of hydration and evens the tone of skin. The result is a deep clean skin, with a lovely fresh sensation.
13,60 €
Mask that evens tone, with renewing and revitalising action. Performs an exfoliating action facilitating the elimination of dead cells and improving the natural renewal process. Helps the products applied afterwards penetrate much better into the skin, promoting their action. The result is a revitalised skin, with a smooth texture and an unified tone.
10,55 €
Get ready for the summer. The 3 "must have" essential in your suitcase that will enhance your body beauty. With 3 products, prepare, care and repair body and hair. Get them look soft, nourished and bright all summer.
30,15 €
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